• Negative (-20°C to +0°C) or Positive (-5°C to +5°C) type cold rooms
  • ISO Type steel rugged container
  • Sizes:
    • 20′: 2.350 x 5.290 x 2.400(h)mm (+/- 50mm to be able to ship via regular shipping containers)
    • 40′: 2.350 x 11.690 x 2.400(h)mm (+/- 50mm to be able to ship via regular shipping containers)
    • 10′: 2.350 x 2.200 x 2.400 (h) mm
  • Models:
    • ICR20N: 20′ Negative cold room
    • ICR20P: 20′ Positive cold room
    • ICR20PN1: 20′ Negative & positive cold room with 1 external door
    • ICR20PN2: 20′ Negative & positive cold room with 2 external door
  • Frame made of ST-37 profile steel, 0,5mm thickness
  • Panel thickness: 100 mm
  • Floor: 100mm flooring panel
  • Panels:
    • Clip connected panel structure (30mm to each parts)
    • 42 kg/m³ density
    • Double side PVC coated galvanized steel with 0,50mm thickness
    • As per EU Food Norms
    • RAL 9002 painted
  • Plywood coated floor
  • Door:
    • 1 unit, hit type with lip connected panel structure (30mm to each parts)
  • 42 kg/m³ density polyurethane insulated
  • Frame thickness 80/120mm, polyurethane filled
  • Net size: 900 x 1.900(h) mm
  • Right hand opening and floor external framed
  • Coolants:
    • TeknoSav make evoporator and condenser
    • Compressor: Hermetic, Copeland (USA)
    • Expansion valve: Danfoss (Denmark)
    • Dryer: De-Na (Italy)
    • Selenoid Valves: Castel (Italy)
    • Automatic Pressure Gauge: Ranco (Italy)
    • Fans: EBM, Siehl-Abegg (Germany)
    • Contactor and termics: Siemens (Germany)
    • Voltage rely: Entes (Turkey)
    • MP: Castel (Italy)
  • Cold Room:
    • Positive Type: -5°C to +5°C, SPS-36 coolant, hermetic compressor, 4 HP, R-404A coolant, Evaporation / Condensate Temperature: -8/+50ºC
    • Negative Type: -20°C, SPD-16 coolant, hermetic/scroll compressor, 5 HP, R-404A coolant, Evaporation / Condensate Temperature: -25/+40ºC
  • Panel accessories, internal & external corners, silicone insulating, polyurethane insulating included
  • Plug and run installed structure

Flatpack Containers

IMMA designs and manufactures flatpack containers for a wide range of solutions:

  • Any purpose for temporary and /or permanent projects Easy assemble, reassemble and transport
  • Wide range of usage from VIP cabins to refugee camps Fully furnished
  • Any customized supplies including offshore, on-trailer, armored, etc. Long lived solid structure
  • Comfortable habitation and storage Healthy accommodation environment.

Flatpack containers obtain quick and easy to store / install / assemble / move solutions. Major standard specification can be listed as follows:

The certified and EU-approved materials.

Excellent thermal insulation on joints and panels with high density polyurethane core Non-flammable and environmental friendly materials.

Heat and sound insulated windows and doors.

Resist against desert sand, humidity, arctic and tropical environment Heavy-duty structure for multi stored construction.

Long life time in terms of assembling and disassembling Solid structure to move the assembled units from site to site Minimized transporting cost and efforts.

Minimized construction waste and investment before assembling and setup Low costed infrastructure and basement requirement.

Quick and easy settlement at site Provides high and quality living & usage standards.

With the following standard specs:

  • Standard 20’ with 2.438x 6.058 x 2591 mm (WxLxH) with any custom size 2mm structural steel with electrostatic powder coated
  • 230 – 400W / 32A / 5 poles (with EU, USA, UK or any local regulations & plugging) 50 mm PU sandwich panel walls
  • 910x 2010 mm with PVC joinery & Insulated with sandwich panel doors
  • 700 x 1.100 mm, uPVC, double glazing windows with optionally roller shutters 80 mm glass wool + 40 mm PU panel ceiling
  • 16 mm fiber cement board flooring covered by2 mm PVC vinyl EU normed WC, shower, bathroom facilities
  • Assembling to be done by 2 labors in 90 mins maximum
  • Fully furnished 6 units of IMMA FPC can be shipped by 1 x 40’HC Standardized as per ISO 9001- 2008 ,TSE, OHSAS and CE

Basic Installation

1 - Unload the container
2 - Locate the FPC pack
3 - Separate the ceiling
4 - Locate the beams
5 - Mount the walls
6 - Done!

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