Z-FOLDING: Distributor is designed to be folded like a Z shape, in that way simultaneous motions of the segments can be accomplished much easier. Less pace requirement helps to reach the 100% efficiency

CWPS – CABLE WRAPPING PREVENTION SYSTEM: Due to the slip ring mechanism on the rotating tower, electric cable does not need to be wrapped around the machine. The operator can turn the distributor as much as it is needed. The electric cable of the distributor become safe against cutting risks.

  • Placing diameter (without end-hose): Up to 100m
  • Concreting area: Up to 7.854,00 m2
  • Number of boom segments: 4
  • Boom type: Z Folding
  • Counter-weight: 4 x 4.5t = 18t
  • Machine Weight (without adapter): 21t
  • Power: 30kW, 380-400V, 3-Phase
  • Remote Control mode : Wireless proportional remote control Concrete piping: Standard 5,5” (Ø125 ID) pipes
  • Flexible end hose: 3m
  • Lattice Mast Column Length: 3 x 6m= 18m
  • Stand-On Lattice Mast Cross Section: 2x2m

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