IMMA Global Introduction

IMMA Global Group companies, rooted since 1999, established in 2006 to produce mining machinery and equipment for crushing and screening equipment at the beginning. The progressive approach reasoned to design & produce follow-up machines during the years, starting from tipper trucks to jack-up barges. Re-formed as a Turkish-Belgium JV in 2010 to enlarge the activities in manufacturing, worldwide distribution, contracting and solution providing for construction, mining, logistics, commodity and energy companies in the global markets to reduce costings and obtain flexibility.

As an EPC company, IMMA is dedicated for

  • engineering,
  • progress and
  • challenge;

which helps to develop each unique product to be the source of R & D, step by step that is consequence of IMMA’s experience and customer expectations.

IMMA is not only a manufacturer of mining machinery, concrete plants, heavy equipment, base camps, offshore vessels, truck body and semi-trailer; but also operates, assembles, uses and contracts those with a high experienced and skilled master teams for each area.

Currently been serving to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia via custom made standardized products with global partners / distributors.

Manufacturing Contracting Services
  • Mining & Construction Machinery
    • Crushing & Screening Plants
    • Concrete Batching, Mixing and Processing Equipment
    • Wet & Dry Screening Machines
    • Dewatering Screens
  • Truck Body & Semi-trailers
  • Shipbuilding
    • Offshore Vessels
    • Inflatable Boats
    • Dredgers & Dredging Equipment
    • Repair & Maintenance
  • Tanks and Steel Structures
  • CNC Components
  • Turn-key Plants
    • Steel Plants
    • CCM
    • Refractory Installations, Renovations
  • Crude And Naphtha Refining Plants
    • Naphta Refining
    • Crude Oil Refining
  • Power Plants
    • Floating Power-ships
    • Stationary Power Generating Plants
  • Steel Works
    • Industrial Premises
    • Residential & Industrial Buildings
    • Towers & Bridges
  • Repair & Surface Treatment
  • Tank Farms
    • Terminals
    • Loading/Unloading Ports
    • Dolphins
  • Mining Operating
  • Oilfield Optimisation & Services
  • Crude And Naphtha Refining Plants
  • Turn-key Projects & Premises for Steel Billet & Rebars
  • Ship Brokerage
  • Commodity Trade
    • Food-staff
    • Consumer Goods
    • Bulk
  • Inspection & Surveillance
  • TATNEFT Global Dealership:
    • TANECO Lubricants
    • KAMA Tyres