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•This web site belongs to IMMA Global Sanayi Mamulleri Imalat ve Ticaret A.S. on behalf of Amesa Int'l Companies to promote services and products.

• The given information and specs in the web side are only for informative purpose. The exact figures and details should have been individually mentioned by IMMA, are valid for deliveries and orders, in the written format, sent by corporate e-mail or fax.

• The specs, pictures, codes, details of any item/products are nominal, subject to change upon daily conditions and technological developments.

• Brand names and designs are registered by IMMA Global A.S. and/or suppliers. No permission to use without allowance.

• No information, picture, technical specs, article can be used from our web page unless a written confirmation.

• IMMA is not responsible due to typologic failures.

• Users have to have anti-virus, trojan, etc. protection methods against any diseases from our download section. IMMA takes no responsibility due to downloads and openly announces that the best has been done to protect any users by IMMA.

• The warranty and using period and other terms of IMMA products are as written in the proforma quotation and invoices. The int'l practices are valid for this issue.

• IMMA takes no responsibility caused by using our web page.

• IMMA never shares private information of customers with any of 3rd party.

Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90.212.337 36 57 pbx
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E-mail: turkey@immaglobal.com

Brussels, Belgium
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Fax: +32 66 771 186
E-mail: belgium@immaglobal.com

IMMA Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 727 334 1518
Silk Way Str.50,Forum Center,
Almaty / Kazakhstan
E-mail: kazakhstan@immaglobal.com

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About US

IMMA Global A.S., is the parent company of a industry oriented Turkish-Belgium-Kazakh joint-venture with a global presence of facilities & officies, who invests, manufactures and supplies for machinery/equipment, mining / construction and marine / off-shore solutions as follows

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