The initial priority of IMMA Global A.S. and entire Amesa International Companies is to be a global player without compromising of

• Best in the Class Products with raising the standards

• Competitive Solutions

• Reliability,

• Truth,

• Friendhip

• Solution supplying capability

• Customized products

The achievements and reputation will not replace esteem in IMMA and will do her best to supply the solutions/products to own friends not customers. In order to protect this relationship, IMMA will practice any responsibilities required in the name of business.

Shortly major aim is to achieve top-level of

- Not only machinery/item but also best in the class solution supplying,

- The supplies matches the customer demands,

- Take in consideration of every customer as an unique request,

- Reliabilty

Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90.212.337 36 57 pbx
Fax: +90.212.36 10
E-mail: turkey@immaglobal.com

Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 66 771 186
Fax: +32 66 771 186
E-mail: belgium@immaglobal.com

IMMA Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 727 334 1518
Silk Way Str.50,Forum Center,
Almaty / Kazakhstan
E-mail: kazakhstan@immaglobal.com

a  member  of  KIG

About US

IMMA Global A.S., is the parent company of a industry oriented Turkish-Belgium-Kazakh joint-venture with a global presence of facilities & officies, who invests, manufactures and supplies for machinery/equipment, mining / construction and marine / off-shore solutions as follows

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