Conveying Systems

IMMA's Those conveyor belts of IMMA are designed to achieve heavy duty and solid works, have wide range of application with high capacity.

The standard production types are 600, 800 and 1000 mm wide with made-to-measure lengths.

Can be stationary or mobile. Mobile types are equipped with double wheels and adjusting mechanism.

• Space profiled main construction,

• Profile size: 40x60mm (Up to W:600) and 60x80mm (Beyond W:600)

• Rolls: Ø3 inches (Apr. 76,2 mm), with 6204 2Z steel geared

• Rubbers: Lower parts 2mm and upper 4mm rubber coated, strength by 4 lay corded

• Various widths of 400-500-600-750-900-1000 mm

• Various length up to 24 meters

• Solid construction and infra-structure

• Reliable spare parts and tools,

• Long-lived and minimized operation cost,

• Easy to operate / User friendly

• Manual or automatic adjustable height,

• Shyncronization manager,

• Correction guides,

Istanbul, Turkey
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Fax: +90.212.36 10

Brussels, Belgium
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Fax: +32 66 771 186

IMMA Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 727 334 1518
Silk Way Str.50,Forum Center,
Almaty / Kazakhstan

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About US

IMMA Global A.S., is the parent company of a industry oriented Turkish-Belgium-Kazakh joint-venture with a global presence of facilities & officies, who invests, manufactures and supplies for machinery/equipment, mining / construction and marine / off-shore solutions as follows

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