Crushing & Screening

The wide range of IMMA Mining Equipment Line for any quarry or pits. Not only competive solutions but also made-to-measure, reliable and solid solutions are also provided. The top range of specifications can be listed as:

Abrasion Steel Parts: IMMA never compromise of the abrasion steel quality that used in the tearing and crahing parts. The heavy duty austenitic steels of parts and equipment are made of 16-18%Mn + 2,2%Cr, to achieve the tope level of stability and obtain the maximum resistance. Click to see the chart!

Rugged Steels: Any possible sheet solutions are used best-in-the class solutions, supplied by Hardox, Weldox, Domex, Reax, etc. rugged steels suppliers. Helps to minimize effects by increasing strength. You may get further info from our links page!

Mile/Shaft: One of the most important part is the transmisson the power to the mechanical parts. IMMA mile/shafts are specially treated forged steel made of Cr-Ni-Mo alloyed steel.

Hydraulics: The hydraulic adjustment mechanisms help to have a longer life time and protection against lacks, failures, operator mistakes of IMMA equipment.


Complete Crushing & Screeningt

IMMA can submit customized solutions for any quarry from 40 tph up to 600 tph, consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary crushers, feeders and screens, fully automated conveying systems. Both stationary or mobile solutions capability makes IMMA Engineering and R&D Departments always welcome to questions and inquiries to find the best with the optimum solutions.

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IMMA Global A.S., is the parent company of a industry oriented Turkish-Belgium-Kazakh joint-venture with a global presence of facilities & officies, who invests, manufactures and supplies for machinery/equipment, mining / construction and marine / off-shore solutions as follows

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