Construction & Contracting

Construction materials and contracting, for custom unique requests and mass projects, consisting of:

• Cladding, facade, siding: Made of composite, aluminum, glass and PVC's

• Windows & Doors
     - Aluminum and uPVC windows profiles, frames, turn-key projects
     - Aluminum, steel, uPVC, composite wood doors for internal and external usages
     - Hi-resist security glass doors
• Ready-Made-Furniture for bathroom & kitchen

• Glass for construction
     - Float glass
     - Double glazed glass
     - Security glass
     - Reflective glass
     - Any purpose & application

Those were supplied:
     - Individual users,
     - Contracting and construction companies,
     - Sub-contractors
     - Any project management office worldwide.
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Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90.212.337 36 57 pbx
Fax: +90.212.36 10

Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 66 771 186
Fax: +32 66 771 186

IMMA Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 727 334 1518
Silk Way Str.50,Forum Center,
Almaty / Kazakhstan

a  member  of  KIG

About US

IMMA Global A.S., is the parent company of a industry oriented Turkish-Belgium-Kazakh joint-venture with a global presence of facilities & officies, who invests, manufactures and supplies for machinery/equipment, mining / construction and marine / off-shore solutions as follows

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